The Automotive sector is one of the most innovative and constantly changing; UPC has the opportunity to have people with the skills and knowledge to help make decisions to solve business problems, with the practical and updated knowledge to propose solutions that have an efficiency and benefit to the changes in the globalized world.

Services offered by UPC:

  • Duplicate Payment Detection
  • Traceability of expensive parts in inventories
  • Cross-costing in activities
  • Decrease in costs and expenses
  • Advice and training in international law
  • Continuous improvement processes
  • Automotive Transfer Prices, Autoparts and Distributors
  • Tax and inspection deposit
  • Conversion of Pitex to maquiladora
  • Advice on determination of impairment of tangible and intangible long-term assets
  • Electronic billing
  • Pure Payroll. (Out and Insourcing)
  • Payroll Maquila, Dispersion and Compliance of Obligations