The integration and operation of the hospital system has the fundamental purpose of patient satisfaction. Therefore, the actions of physicians, staff and providers should be aimed at ensuring the greatest possible benefits to the patient's health.

The services offered by UPC are:

  • Duplicate Payment Detection
    Traceability of expensive parts in inventories
    Cross-costing in activities
    Decrease in costs and expenses
    Continuous improvement processes
    Advising in the determination of impairment of tangible and intangible long-term assets.
    Electronic billing
    Pure Payroll. (Out and Insourcing). Payroll Maquila, Dispersion and Compliance of Obligations.
    Mobile apps
    Service policies
    Networks (LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi)
    IP telephony
    Surveillance Cameras
    Access control
    Installing and configuring servers
    Informatic security