Mexico is a country with a long tradition of textile, proof of this, is how the industry is established throughout the country that has led to put development options to different regions; In recent years an important part of this sector has suffered a contraction due to the displacement of the maquila of products exported to USA by competitors from other countries, Southeast Asia and China.

The services offered by UPC are:

  • Duplicate Payment Detection
  • Traceability of expensive parts in inventories
  • Cross-costing in activities
  • Decrease in costs and expenses
  • Continuous improvement processes
  • Advising in the determination of impairment of tangible and intangible long-term assets.
  • Electronic billing
  • Pure Payroll. (Out and Insourcing). Payroll Maquila, Dispersion and Compliance of Obligations.
  • Mobile apps
  • Service policies
  • Networks (LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi)
  • IP telephony
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Access control
  • Installing and Configuring Servers
  • Informatic security