Consult a Specialist

We have certified public accountants to issue their professional opinión about the financial statements of the company as well as the correct fulfillment of tax obligations. We provide audit services aimed at validating Financial Reporting for use by senior management, investors, credit institutions, boards and others interested in the business, providing advice on identifying and managing both the risks and the key business opportunities.



  • Development of manuals of procedures for better internal control.
  • Review of the implementation and effectiveness of internal control processes.
  • Audits of financial statements.
  • Audits of financial statements for tax purposes.
  • Limited review of intermediate financial statements dates.
  • Review of specific items of the financial statements.
  • Financial statements.
  • Audits for purposes of decision to the IMSS.
  • Legal audits.
  • Government auditing.
  • Diagnostics accountants.
  • Support for the restatement of financial statements.
  • advice on stock alienation.

Forensic audit

  • Investigation of fraud and corruption.
  • Security of the information.